Water conservation

Date: 6-Nov-2016

Over the past 10 years, Swire Cold Storage has invested significant funds in water harvesting, water tanks and pipe work across all states.

The harvesting of rainwater simply involves the collection of rainwater from surfaces on which rain falls, then storing this water for later use. We collect water from the roof of our cold store buildings by directing the flow of rainwater from gutters to rainwater storage tanks instead of down storm water drains.
Rainwater has a very low measure of Total Dissolved Solids, so it can be used in our refrigeration evaporative condensers when available, saving the use of mains water from city reservoirs. In 2015, we harvested thirty million litres of rainwater. This is equivalent to 12 Olympic size swimming pools.
Based on the average personal usage of 150 litres per day* the amount of water that Swire Cold Storage reclaimed would supply 110 households of families of five people for a whole year.
Another important aspect of water conservation, relates to energy efficiency, as all electrical equipment gives off some heat which then has to be removed by the refrigeration plant. Everything we do to make a site more energy efficient, for example by installation of LED lights, reduces the refrigeration required. This in turn reduces the amount of water being evaporated through the refrigeration evaporative condensers.
Whatever we can do to recycle this valuable commodity should be done as best practice whenever possible.
*Referenced at urbanutilities.com.au

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