We care about our colleagues, and lookout for our workmates

We consider the health and safety of our people and company stakeholders to be of utmost importance. Our aim is to provide a completely safe working environment and create zero harm to our employees and visitors. We designed focused training and safety programs to engage everyone in health and safety management.
We are committed to the principle that business objectives should never compromise safety – no job is important enough that it cannot be done without risk or harm to our people or others. No injury should be viewed as unavoidable or acceptable.
Swire Cold Storage is a signatory to the Retail Logistics Supply Chain (RLSC) Code of Practice and works collaboratively with customers to identify, manage and minimise risk. Performance is continuously monitored to ensure all operations are in accordance with Health and Safety Systems requirements and meet Chain of Responsibility legislation.


Work Health & Safety policy

Providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors and visitors whose health or safety could be at risk through our work. We will do this by striving to achieve zero harm within the workplace and ensuring:
  • Compliance with relevant legislation, including the Work Health & Safety Act/Occupational Health & Safety Act and supporting regulations
  • The implementation of the Work Health & Safety Management System (WHS), and the plans, policies, procedures and programs necessary to support and implement this policy.
Swire Cold Storage accepts responsibility for implementing and maintaining this Work Health & Safety Policy and WHS Management System. It will ensure that:
  • We establish measurable safety performance objectives and targets and that we review these to continuously improve WHS performance. This shall include regular workplace inspections and the prompt control of identified hazards
  • Employees are trained on all health and safety matters relevant to their work
  • Contractors are fully aware of the hazards associated with their work, and implement appropriate hazard control measures
  • All Managers, Supervisors, employees, contractors and other persons are inducted into the requirements of the WHS Management System, and are held accountable in their roles and responsibilities as defined in the WHS Management System
  • Effective employee and contractor consultation on health and safety matters include the two-way communication of relevant information, toolbox meetings, reporting and feedback mechanisms
  • Adequate resources are provided to enable full implementation of this Work Health & Safety Policy and WHS Management System. Where Swire Cold Storage does not have the necessary in-house knowledge or expertise to enable it to meet its work health and safety objectives, it will ensure that advice and guidance are obtained from competent work health and safety professionals
  • This Work Health & Safety Policy and the WHS Management System are reviewed every year to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate to the organisation.
All company employees and contractors are required to comply with this Work Health & Safety Policy and the WHS Management System at all times.
Senior Managers and Supervisors are responsible for the implementation and dissemination of all matters dealing with the health and safety of employees and contractors under their control.
Employees must cooperate with the employer regarding WHS actions taken by the employer to maintain health and safety. In addition, employees shall take reasonable care of their own safety and not adversely affect the safety of others at the workplace.

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